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Helping Your Business Grow

Initial workability Assessment

Good ideas stay as just an idea until they are taken to the next important stages in the innovation of process, which transforms your great ideas into a marketable and manufacturable product. Everyone has a different idea and plan that often requires a special custom approach. We will discuss your ideas and plans and work out the best steps that will be applicable in order to get your product to market and fast and worry free as possible:

•Identifying a Manufacturer
•Low Volume Orders to Get You Started
•Producing Prototypes & Models
•Market Testing
•Initial Feasibility Assessment
•Design & Development Assistance
•IP Protection Strategies
•Presentation & Packaging

More detail on our service structure below:

Before you dive in and spend your hard earned dollars on any type of product development work, we can sit down and go through answers to question like:

•Who will buy my products?
•What will people pay for my products?
•How will I market my products?
•Is my new product likely to function in the way I planned?
•What will my final product look like?

With this type of knowledge, you can assess whether you wish to progress to the next stage of development.


Development & Design Assistance

Whether you have a design on a notepad, or a more detailed prototype, our company can help you to:

•Improve and Refine your design schematics,
•Produce specific data sheets and detailed drawings, and
•Find a reliable an innovative way to produce your products to the requirements you need.

With a trusted set of specifications, you can be confident that your products will be made to meet your quality standard every time. As the owner and producer of your design, you need to ensure that all of your products meet with the local Australian standards. We can help you in the standard process so that you have confidence that all of your products are safe. It’s worth considering that you may even sell your product overseas. So it is good practice to make sure that all your products meet, and can easily be changed to meet other international standards. This helps you avoid any redesign needs of the product if you intend to expand your business.

IP Protection Services

These days it is very easy for someone to copy your idea, but there are a lot of different laws in place to help discourage this type of activity, you can minimize the odds of this happening to you. We can provide you with a Non Disclosure Agreement to be signed.

Packaging & Presentation for Retail

Our network consist of many different industrial and graphic designers for product design, how your product is presented and whether it needs barcodes, cabinets or large display units, to ensure an end product that looks great on your retailers shelves.

Low Volume Orders

Our Main Focus is to find you the best quality and best priced factory for your products to be produced, based on your projected order size. This is relevant for new innovations, to avoid ending up having a large amount of stock with nowhere for it to be sold.

Finding a Quality Manufacturer

Once we have all of the above sorted, we can go ahead and start researching for the right manufacturer. We have a large portfolio of factories that we have built up over the last 15 years that we have worked with in Australia and all across Asia. If your product needs a specialist skillset that we do not already have accessed to, we can research for a good manufacturer match for you and your products.

Assisted Buying & Sourcing in China


China Buying Service

Just like any area of business there are many mistakes that can be made, this can be true when purchasing goods from overseas. Our Buying Service can help you find a reliable and safe supplier of goods, we can work directly with a supplier that you have found, to help you save time and money. An overseas supplier often does not have a solid concept of the safety requirements for products, and they are often not aware of all the local port and shipping charges associated with processing and importing your shipment to your country. To save you the headache, we can:

•Help you find the best supplier, or we can deal with one that you have already found
•Negotiate and communicate with the supplier in their language to get you the best price.
•Book the international freight with our many agents in china.
•Add in quality control checks along the way to ensure product standards.
•Take care of all the details of customs clearance, importing & foreign currency exchange.
•Arrange door to door delivery of the goods once at destination port.


China Sourcing Service

Sourcing quality customized goods from overseas brings new layers of complexity rather than just buying an existing product made overseas. It is very important to use clear communication, very detailed specifications with a great attention to detail. Without these types of checks in place, you could risk introducing design and development faults leading to a shipment of goods that are not made to the specifications you requested. When these situations occur it is easy to blame “the China factor”, when it was may well have been an avoidable situation in the first place with more thought. By working with you on clearly defining exactly what you want, we can communicate that directly to the factory in their language, and following up with checks to ensure everyone is on the same page, we will make sure that what you ordered is what you get.


Our clients save time and money in the sourcing process and avoid many of the costly mistakes by making many different options available, allowing our clients to choose the right pathway to their business success, and get it right, the first time.

 Our Product sourcing services is not only a cost-cut action, but also a major integrated strategy. Which can involve:
•Supplier identification and background security checks
•Suppliers co-ordination and deployment.
•Product Quality control
•Raw material quality management
•Order Management and Delivery
•Export/import documentation and Clearance

Our clients can obtain the benefits from our product sourcing services, which include:
•Professional support in cross cultural communication and management environment.
•Ongoing support on quality assurance service, logistics and trade management etc.
•Low cost and risk supplier sourcing
•New supplier identified and credit checked

Our main client production lines include:
•Electronic Assemblies
•Stamping Parts
•Plastic Molding & Tooling
•Metal Fabrication
•Dye Casting
•Precision Machining
•Mirror & Glass
•Electric Hardware and machinery

Our client sectors include:
•Electronic appliance and devices
•Garden, farm tools and equipment
•Consumer products, including stationary, kitchenware, lighting etc.
•Automotive parts

Shipping To Your Door


People new to importing can often find that just the logistics of getting their products shipped safely is a stressful task. Even for large companies, it is an area that can take long hours to valuate. We can help relieve you of some of the stress and burden, giving you business freedom to take care of other things and sell more products.

Save Time & Money

We can help and take care of all the importing and shipping steps for your business, saving you the frustration of dealing with multiple companies, and difficult languages translations.

Shipping Terminology

It is very important that you understand all the terms used when you are shipping your products. This is an area where many mistakes are made and can become very expensive. We can help take the confusion out of the process and explain each term clearly, giving you the confidence in your importing decisions.

Customs Duty

Most products that come into Australia are charged 0% or 5% Customs Duty Tax, but there can be higher rates for many products, plus some extra charges in this area can make quite a difference to your budget. We will send a detailed model to our customs specialists so you get a more accurate duty quote.

Accurate Shipping Costs

We can assist your company with very accurate estimates of customs clearance, insurance, shipping, and all the GST costs associated with importing your products from overseas, and give you an accurate price per item.

Foreign Currency Payments

If you are not dealing regularly in this area, it can become very time consuming and a source of stress and worry. We deal with payments and transactions between currencies every day and can perform these transactions for you. We cannot control currency fluctuations, but we can prepare you ahead of time and protect you from many of the variations you would normally occur. In many cases we can give you a fixed price on your order.

Sea or Air

Most shipments come by sea, but in some cases air-freight can be a faster option if products need to be here on a time schedule. This decision needs to be made early in the process and will greatly affect your budget. We can send you information on the costs involved early in your project, so you can avoid spending blowouts made with bad freight decisions.

Full Container or Part Container

Shipping costs will vary product to product, depending on the size and value of the item to be shipped. If you get to half of a container load, it gets more expensive with handling charges, these are applied per cubic meter. Using our shipping calculator, we can help your company choose the best shipment size to bring in, and the best shipping method so you avoid all the unnecessary freight costs.


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